To Whom It May Concern:

I’m writing this letter on behalf of Marenna Amusements. Marenna Amusements is“a breath of fresh air” in the amusement business. The equipment is clean, modern and well maintained. The employees of Marenna Amusements are professional, courteous and willing to go the extra step to make sure the customer has a wonderful experience at your show. George Jr. and George III are true businessmen, genuine people who deliver on all facets of your contract and more.

Marenna Amusements came to my Fire departments’ aid in 2009 when our previous provider decided they did not want our business, only three weeks prior to the opening day. I found their advertisement on the web and called George Jr., he quicklyresponded, we made opening day and never looked back. At the end of the carnival I signed a 3 year contract with Marenna Amusements to manage the entire carnival

Curtis Brackett
Chief Engineer
Fundraising Chairman
Botsford Fire and Rescue

Dear Mr. Marenna,

On behalf of the Officers and Members of Beacon Hose Company No.1 I would like to thank you and your hard working staff for the wonderful services provided to us during our 2012 Annual Firemen’s Carnival.

It is always a pleasure to see all of our friends from Marenna’s at our yearly event and look forward to having you back again next year. Until then, we wish you much success.

Kenneth George, 2012 Firemen’s Carnival Co-Chairman
Michael Pratt, Fire Chief

To Whom it May Concern:

I Lillian Edwards-Saunders, SDSW am the supervisor for the Dept. of Development Services respite center in Hamden.

I wanted to say thank you to the gentlemen named George who worked the ride at the Milford Mall parking lot on September 26th, 2009. He generously allowed our clients with disabilities to ride two rides for the price of one. Their funds are low and this was greatly appreciated by all.

His kindness helped enhance their quality of life along with doubling their smiles for that day. Just wanted to let you know that your gesture did not go unnoticed.

If you have any questions, I can be reached at (203) 248-6087.

Lillian Edwards-Saunders, SDSW
New Haven Respite Center

Dear George:

On behalf of the Knights of Columbus Tinto Council 47 and the Project Moses committee I would like to thank you for your generous support and donation to our organization.

We appreciate all that you have done to help us in our fund raising efforts for Project Moses which continues to benefit all in our community. With out the support of members of our local business community we would be unable to continue with this important service project.

We look forward to working with you again in the future, your help and assistance is greatly appreciated by all the member of the Knights of Columbus, Tinto Council 47.

Larry Yergeau
Board of Directors

Dear George,

I feel very comfortable opening this letter using your first name, as we have become close business associates in the past five years. This is due to a respectful relationship between your family business and the City of West Haven Rock Festival Committee.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your employees for your help and generosity during the Savin Rock Festival and the Holiday Festivities during the Christmas Season. I would like to compliment you for the professional appearance of both you and your equipment.

It is with great pleasure that the entire committed and I compliment you, your family, and your employees for a job well done.

Thom Reilly
Vendor Coordinator
Savin Rock Festival

Specialty Insurance LTD
P.O. Box 16901
West Haven CT 06516


We viewed the applicant’s equipment which showed signs of an aggressive continual maintenance program. Items we viewed were lubrication points in out of the way places, correct wire sizing for the attached load and fusing. Exposed bearing and bushing wear, seat restraints braking devices and the availability of spare parts and equipment along with the correct tools and machinery to properly install them.

We found this to be Superior.


We found safety to be paramount within this operation. All the rides are inspected weekly by the CT State Police Department of Public Safety. The applicant also performs a daily pre-opening inspection on each ride and piece of equipment. Written reports are maintained. I had an opportunity to review several of these reports at random and there were some minor repairs requested. The repair person properly signed off on repair and the inspection filed. With this being a family operation it is evident that safety is their number one priority. We found no adverse information regarding this amusement operator on several safety search engine web sites nor with the CT State Police Department of Public Safety.

We found this to be Superior.